About the Founder: Kristin Taylor

Aug 19, 2021Kristin Taylor


My name is Kristin Taylor. I am the Founder and CEO of KT Winery, fun hint: the brand name is my initials. I have a lot of nicknames but I most often respond to “Can I have some more wine?” or “Do you have more of the Pinot Grigio”.Originally, I am from Portsmouth, Virginia (near the beach), and like a true southern woman; I love to cook, entertain and I make a mean Mac N’ Cheese. 


Cooking intrigued me from a young age. My grandmother Rose and great-grandmother Mattie taught me how to cook at the age of 6. I was curious, always getting into something so eventually, they put me to work. I was a great sous chef but really bad on my own. Trust me, my family still laughs about it.


After growing up with the same 30 kids from Kindergarten to High School; College was a shock to me. My shy nature came out in full force. So I started cooking and baking (I got much better at it); cupcakes, prosciutto-wrapped chicken, and full 3-course meals. Needless to say; I made friends and was the reason for everyone’s Junior 25.


Once I turned 20; I got interested in wines and that became an easier entry point into conversations and friend-making. I’d love to say the rest is history but it’s still playing out.


Just like food, wine became second nature to me but the passion of building a life in wine was starting to be overwhelming. A few years later with a strong push from friends, family, and a few strangers; here I am. Leaping and welcoming you all into my home.


We’re going to have a lot of fun together. We’ll dance, laugh and enjoy great wines. It means more than you know that you’re here. Cheers!

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