The Story Behind Mom Juice

Nobody really tells you what you’re in for. You figure, millions of women have done this mom thing... how hard could it be?

You don’t have a clue. The utter lack of sleep and insanity. Endless pressure to have the perfect house, the perfect kids, the perfect job. Held up to a standard that seems so

The nagging loneliness of trying to do it all. All the time. We’re talking real life, in-the-trenches, day-in, day-out slog of raising kids, climbing the ladder, running the show and being home in time to make dinner and fold laundry.

That mom? Society just doesn’t see her. No worries... That’s what we’re here for. Your uninhibited voice of reason. An honest, unflinching champion of moms everywhere.

Someone who respects and celebrates your journey. We’re the big sister who’s got your back. That one steadfast friend who’s there no matter how deep it gets.

Because making your way in this crazy-ass world...

You need a dose of sanity.

Mom Juice. A mother of a good wine

Meet the Founders

Once introduced over a lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Charlotte and now taking on the world of wine together.

Bonded by the love of wine, culture and making non-traditional spaces more accessible.

Our mission is to shift wine culture by showing people who look like us in our advertising, creating a community and increasing accessibility within the indsutry.

The People Behind the Juice

Headquartered in Denver, CO

Kristin Taylor

Founder + CEO

Macie Mincey

COO + Head of Sales

Brian Kosi

Director of Winemaking

Larina Chen-Mehta

Head of PR & Partnerships

Lauren Hix

Executive Assistant
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OnlyMoms™ hosted by Macie

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