Meet the Founders

Once introduced over a lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Charlotte and now taking on the world of wine together.

Bonded by the love of wine, culture and making non-traditional spaces more accessible.

Our Love Story

Mom Juice is our very own unconventional love story. A blind business lunch date turned into a dynamic friendship, and years later, a lucrative business opportunity that helps us bring women and mothers together over a glass of wine. Because if people are getting together, trust and believe wine will be involved. Wine has always been that girl—just like you.

Let us introduce ourselves and hopefully, we can snag an invite to your next girl's night.

We’re not listening to what other winemakers are doing. 

We’re listening to you!

About Kristin Taylor

Growing up surrounded by strong women in the South, I was never afraid to get my hands dirty. I have always known the influence of powerful women who cultivate transformative moments with their hands, through the meals they prepare for their loved ones. I strive to follow in their footsteps, creating and caring for friends and family – and that’s really where Mom Juice began. However, it was a visit to a vineyard in Italy with my family that set me on a tangible path of creativity and a lifelong appreciation for sensory experiences centered around food. I remember the smell of tomatoes punctuating the air, and the mesmerizing aromas of delicious sauces wafting over us as we walked through the streets.

Mom Juice has been an exercise in getting women and mothers – just like me – to revel in the communal moments we have always shared. The secrets we share, the joys we celebrate, the things we mourn, and even (or especially) the mundane. What’s better than taking a moment after a long day of meetings, emails, and school drop-offs than relaxing with a beautiful glass of wine? Or several… Whether you’re drinking with your girlfriends, your spouse, or even by yourself, Mom Juice knows that you deserve that glass.

About Macie Mincey

I grew up in a small town outside of Chicago with big-city dreams. I would often drive into the city just to get lost in the sights. It was my escape and my inspiration and it made me feel like there was something bigger waiting for me just on the other end of my dreams. 

Living in government housing, my younger brother and I were raised by a single mother and grandmother. We wore second-hand clothes and relished the regular candlelight picnics my mother would host in our living room, only to realize later in life that they were the result of us not having power. When I contemplate those moments, I’m in awe of my mom’s strength, turning difficult situations into cherished memories for her children. 

I come from hard work. Hustle is what got me to where I’m at today. I’ve been a product developer since I was a child, melting crayons and molding them into different shapes to sell them on the street. I even had a side hustle breeding hamsters and selling them to pet shops until my mom found out and wisely put a quick stop to that (thanks Mom). Persistence and tenacity enable me to make something from nothing and I believe every woman and mother has those same traits. 

Mom Juice

When we first set out to start a wine company, we noticed that the industry messaging was no longer landing with the modern wine consumer. The same old photos of winemakers in plaid shirts and vests standing in vineyards… The aspirational images of elegant couples sipping wine on rooftop verandas… It made us wonder, "who are they making wine for?" It sure wasn’t us. It wasn’t the exhausted mothers who spent the entire day chasing children around the house. It wasn’t the women who work all day at the office just to come home, cook, clean and prepare to do it all again the next day. The industry felt a bit out of touch.

We started Mom Juice in 2020 after months of late nights, tears, and so many bottles of wine. When we developed our brand, we didn’t want to just put out wine — we wanted to change the entire narrative about motherhood. We are two women of color who want to leave a legacy for our children, the same way our mothers did for us. 

Emboldened by a new culture of transparency and wellness, today’s mothers are taking care of themselves – mind, body, soul – and we wanted to contribute to that movement. So, where most mainstream wines have over 40-50 different ingredients – ours has eight. We grew from 900 to 9,500 cases made in just under a year, and raised $1 million in our fundraising round. Mom Juice is a collaborative effort and it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for you. We thank you for trusting us, and for inviting us into your homes to share in your most sacred moments. We don’t take it – or you – for granted. 

Cheers to you, girl.

The People Behind the Juice

Headquartered in Denver, CO

Kristin Taylor

Founder + CEO

Macie Mincey

COO + Head of Sales

Brian Kosi

Director of Winemaking

Anessa Fike

Chief People Officer

Larina Chen-Mehta

Head of PR & Partnerships

Lauren Hix

Executive Assistant
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