Meet Macie

Aug 19, 2021Macie Mata


Investing in wine wasn’t on my radar - like at all. I was a serial entrepreneur that loved being in the beauty and tech space. Shoot, real estate even became part of my portfolio. Outside of having a glass of wine at investor meetings; I wasn’t thinking about it.

I met Kristin socially and years later we caught back up to discuss KT Winery. The more we spoke; the more I realized how wine was something I really enjoyed and loved sharing a glass with my friends.

More so, I saw an opportunity to work in an industry where I could innovate, value sustainability, make social equitable opportunities for women and BIPOCs while producing a high-end product at a consumer affordable price.

I wanted to come into the company with the palette of a casual wine drinker. My hope is that my palette helps our wine stay relatable to well, you.

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