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Mom Juice

The Throuple


Triple the fun! Get a taste of three of our Mom Juice varietals. Want all four? Click here


Where there’s a will, there’s Mom Juice Rosé. Settle in with a big pour of “ahhh” and taste the delicate, tart, and strawberry notes with the sweetness only a glass of Mom Juice Rosé so generously gives.

  • 12.5% Alcohol
  • Light Bodied
  • Semi-Sweet
  • Smells Like Strawberry

Sauvignon Blanc

Mom Juice Sauvignon Blanc is the ultimate elixir for moms who deserve a break from the daily grind (and we're not just talking about your partner doing the dishes).

  • 13.5% Alcohol
  • Light Bodied
  • Dry
  • High Acid
  • Smells fresh and tropical

Cabernet Sauvignon

Unwind at the vineyard with a glass of the Mom Juice Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy the full mouthfeel (or full body) and the aromas of black cherry and baking spices. The perfect red wine for 5 pm (or 4 pm - that’s fine too).

  • 13.8% Alcohol
  • Full Bodied
  • Dry
  • Balanced Acidity
Now offering mutiple duo paring options :)